09 May 2007
Alright! 'Just had this idea about editing and/or improving subtiles of our fav anime ourselves, and since there's this Wiki thing that basically allows anyone with an internet connection, a knack for helping out and a little strength of will to discuss/debate stuff to edit stuff (whew, talk about complex sentences!)... so in short, this project is for all of us anime fans who love our anime but groan about bad subtitles and wish to do something about it for our own and share our modified subtitles to other anime fans! (*wipes sweatdrop from her forehead...)

First off, here's my suggested first project: improving the Gedo Senki subtitles as released on torrents here and here.
Oh, and if you're looking for the Teru/Therru's song lyrics, come here! The gals and guys from Ghibli Tavern and wingsee.com lovingly translated this song, so big thanks to them! I'll post another Gedo Senki song translation ('Toki no Uta'/Song of Time) from them sometime soon, ne?